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Visiting Specialists

Jenny Boyce - Womens Health Physiotherapist

Jenny Boyce - Physiotherapist with a special interest in Women's, Men's and Pelvic Health.

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, APAM.

Jenny is a mother of two and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physiotherapy from The University of Birmingham, UK in 2001. Jenny began her career working in the NHS in the UK, where she developed a strong interest in women's health, prior to immigrating to Australia in 2004. She spent 10 years working in various roles within the Women's Health Physiotherapy inpatient and outpatient service at The Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, including senior roles in their Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Screening Clinic (PHPSC) and pelvic floor physiotherapy outpatient service.

Since 2015, Jenny has been providing a pelvic health physiotherapy service at Albany Creek Physiotherapy Clinic. She is passionate about helping to make a difference for those living with pelvic floor dysfunction, including bladder and bowel concerns, prolapse, pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction. In addition, she provides antenatal and postnatal pelvic floor and musculoskeletal management, along with pelvic floor rehabilitation before and after gynaecological, colorectal and prostate surgery.

Jenny also enjoys giving health promotion talks to the local community to help raise awareness of healthy bladder, bowel and pelvic health habits and has many years' experience providing antenatal education classes.

Jenny's professionalism and care ensures her patients receive high quality individual advice and treatment to support their health needs and help them engage in their daily activities, work, hobbies and exercise choices. For more information, visit

Leanne Heffernan - Psychologist

Suzie Harte - Dietician

As a dietitian in private practice, Suzie sees private clients referred by a GP or other health professional and by clients referring themselves for dietetic services. She is registered with Medicare as a provider and is accredited by the professional body for dietitians, the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA). She also provides professional services to corporate clients and is available to provide health and wellbeing information sessions on site. Services may include menu review for nursing home/child care centres; individual employee wellbeing consultations; group nutrition education eg sporting clubs; general and tailored nutrition education sessions.

Suzie uses a motivational interviewing technique to undertake nutrition assessment and diagnosis for clients to meet client-oriented, achievable goals and provide realistic strategies that complement each client's unique lifestyle. Her experience draws from a clinical casemix including chronic disease (cancer, cardiac, renal, diabetes, gastroenterology), weight management, allergies and intolerances, paediatric health, eating disorders, mindfulness and sports nutrition. She has recently completed PhD studies in Child Health at QUT.

In 2018 Suzie introduced the My Health For Life (MH4L) program into the Albany Creek Physiotherapy practice affiliated with Diabetes QLD, Stroke Foundation, Heart Foundation and Griffith University in conjunction with the QLD Government. The MH4L program is fully funded for eligible participants. Participants follow a behaviour change process facilitated by Suzie to set personal goals addressing lifestyle behaviours over six months. Suzie can help you have a lifelong healthy relationship with food to optimise your health.

Kathy Head - Psychologist

  • Friendly
  • Professional
  • Experienced
  • Community focussed
  • Celebrating 30 years of practice
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