640 Albany Creek Rd, Albany Creek

Other Services


Exercise programs in the pool. One of our physiotherapists will demonstrate exercises whilst in the pool with you -  preferably the Albany Creek Leisure Centre.

They will then provide you with a laminated written handout so you are able to take this with you when you visit the pool for your individual session.

Home Visits

WE will come to your home to provide an accurate assessment and treatment program. The area covered is within a 15 minute driving distance form Albany Creek.

Soccer clinic at Brendale

Located at the Albany Creek EXcelsior club. This clinic is on a Tuesday night from 5:45 to 7:30 . Appointments are necessary.Please call our number or book an appointment online with Scott after 545.

If the patient is under 16 then a parent must attend with their child for this appointment

Clinic at St Paul's School 

This triage clinic will be held at the school on Mondays starting at 12:30. Bookings are made through the Sports Master.

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