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Pilates Exercises & Classes

Albany Creek Physiotherapy's Pilates program is a specialised program of therapeutic exercises used to assist patients in their rehabilitation of spinal pain, shoulders, hips & knees. Our team focus on using Pilates to support patient rehabilitation and strengthen the body post injury.

The physiotherapists who supervise the Pilates program at Albany Creek Physiotherapy have undertaken specialised training to enable them to provide a very precise & controlled exercise program. After a thorough assessment each Pilates program is individualised to every patient. The exercises target faulty movement patterns & muscle imbalances that occur through lifestyle or injury.

We ensure our patients receive a proper diagnosis, accurate exercise prescription through a Pilates program and close supervision of the Pilates exercise techniques to achieve maximum physical benefits. Our program is a unique Pilates experience, delivered by professionally trained physiotherapists. We support you with a specific Pilates program including intimate supervision, unlike gyms that offer generic, large class programs with poor supervision.

We work with you initially through a one-on-one session to build your skill level and confidence with the program. Once you feel comfortable with the exercises and are confident with the program you can move into a class situation. All our classes are one hour long.

We utilise modern Pilates techniques and equipment including Reformer Pilates, Chair Pilates, Mat and Ball exercises, keeping group classes to a maximum of 6 participants to ensure specialised supervision. We maintain a relaxed environment with critical supervision to ensure a productive hour of rehabilitative exercise.

Our Pilates program is prescribed as part of a holistic rehabilitation approach and we encourage patients to maintain other gym exercises, walking and/or running. We spend the time to ensure your program is tailored to your specific needs and recovery.

Book today for a one-on-one assessment to see how we can support you on your Pilates journey!

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