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Physio Bike Fits Now Available

Posted by Scott Smith on 15 November 2016

A Physiobikefit involves a cycling physiotherapist assessing your body, your bike, your cycling technique. Physiobikefit can help you move well and ride better.
Scott Smith is a very keen cyclist who has been riding for a number of years. He regularly  competes in mountain biking races but trains as much on the road bike.
He recently came third in the teams section at the Epic mountain bike event held each year at Hiddenvale. This race has over 500 entrants.
We have the clinical skills and bike-fit expertise to evaluate why you might be experiencing

  • Lower back & neck pain
  • Mid Back pain
  • Knee and sit bone pain
  • Hand tingling and numbness
  • Inefficient pedaling
  • Everyone's body moves differently. Physiotherapist are specialists in assessing movement. This will involve a specific bike screening procedure looking at exactly how your body moves, muscle strength of specific cycling muscles and the joint range of motion required to be efficient on a bike.

A bike fit will also be performed to look at how your bike is set for you.


The Physiobikefit involves:

  • Taking a detailed history of any injuries / cycling history / possible reasons why injury may have occurred
  • Specific measurements of lower limb range of motion / strength and  muscle activation
  • Bike dimensions assessment and how you sit and function on the bike
  • Video assessment of you on the bike
  • Emailed report of how to improve performance/ reduce pain and dysfunction


  • Why a Physiobikefit- It is paramount to assess the cyclist's physical capability as well as the cyclist on the bike. A bike fit that does not have all this information is not able to  make accurate decisions.
  • What should I bring? Bring your bike, cycling shoes and shorts/knicks. The assessment is done with no top off and a few texta marks. We will change over your rear skewer if required or you can bring your own for attachment to a MagTrainer.
  • How long will it take? Your appointment is for 1 hour, with reports emailed to you within 24 hours.
  • What will occur during the session? We will initially talk about any soreness, injury or concerns, as well as your cycling history, training and your bike. We will then assess and measure your body and your bike, and video you on the bike under various conditions. We will then analyze the findings and together plan for bike changes, exercises, treatment or cycling technique correction as required to optimize your cycling performance and experience.



Author:Scott Smith
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