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Growing Pains In Sporty KIds

Posted by Scott Smith on 27 February 2017

The Younger Athlete and Growing Pains
Young athletes are particularly prone to sports injury due to the changes their body experiences as they grow. Some factors include under developed co-ordination and skills, growth spurts and the fact that young sportspeople are training and playing at very frequent intervals with high intensity.
Children who are the same age can vary considerably in their growth characteristics.
Boys who mature earlier certainly have been shown to perform better when participating in sports involving strength and power.
Young athletes suffer many injuries that are similar to adults. But on the other hand there are certainly different type of injuries experienced by the younger athlete.
One interesting factor is that the tendon attachment sites onto bones is weak in the young. This can lead to injury.
Younger athletes are more likely to suffer bony injury( cartilage and bone) than have a major ligament sprain.
They are also more likely to injure the attachment site of the muscle onto the bone than suffer a tear of the muscle belly.
The bottom line is- there is evidence that rapid periods of growth, poor coaching,poor dynamic balance,previous injury, and heavier weight are associated with an increased risk of injury in youth sports.
There is evidence to suggest that using warm ups/neuromuscular drills and balance training can reduce the incidence of injury.
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