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Spinal Pain

Albany Creek Physiotherapy specialises in treating spinal pain, one of the most common conditions we see at our practice. Often spinal pain presents as neck pain, midback pain and low back pain, or it can be associated with referred pain to the head, arms or legs.

Our physiotherapists conduct a thorough initial examination with a focus on easing your pain through treatment. We also advise on the best strategies for you to effectively manage spinal pain at home, focusing on remaining mobile. Current research suggests that staying mobile is important in increasing the speed of recovery from spinal pain, no matter what area it arises from. Our exercise prescription involves combining loaded activity, especially sitting, with periods of standing and walking.

To aid your recovery we utilise a range of treatment methods, including heat and gentle movement. Using gentle specific manual therapy techniques and electrotherapy we aim to assist with segmental movement of the spine and increase your range of movement to decrease spinal pain.
Your core, postural muscles play an integral role in preventing further spinal injury. Our team understand that a bout of pain will inhibit the use of these muscles and leave you vulnerable to further injury. Our physiotherapists work to ensure you can effectively control your trunk with loads you experience in everyday life and support your rehabilitation through specific exercise prescription.

We ensure that your exercise program is tailored to your recovery needs and life requirements. We assess all aspect of your day to day life, from work desk and chair set-up, to lifting technique, to how you swing a golf-club. Considering all these factors we can recommend an exercise program that will best suit your life.

Sometimes, the exercise program may be extended to water exercises with our physiotherapist, rehabilitation Pilates or even a resistance exercise program in a gym. All of these are aimed at making you better at coping with your every day loads & help prevent a recurrence of your spinal pain.

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